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New Treatment Tried For Parkinson's Disease

image Like many patients with Parkinson’s disease, over time, medicine becomes less effective. Doctors are now using a new approach.
In the lab they’ve developed a fluid that’s injected directly into the patient’s brain. The fluid contains billions of viruses and delivers a gene that re-establishes some of the normal chemistry in the brain.
This is the first study to use gene therapy on advanced cases of Parkinson’s and early results are impressive. 
Twelve patients were injected with the genes initially and while all of them got better, nearly half showed a surprising response. The patients became more mobile. They were more able to live independently and tremors improved.
Even more promising, one year after the injections, the majority of patients continued to improve, hinting that their brains may actually be trying to reverse the damage caused by the disease.
The next step for this treatment method is a larger study.

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